Professional Work

I currently work as an Interactive Developer at VML — formerly known as Biggs|Gilmore — an advertising agency in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In the past several years I have developed front-end code for many prominent VML sites.

If you would like to see examples of my most recent work, please email me and I will supply you with my latest portfolio.

Interactive Development 2008-2013

Other sites I’ve worked on at Biggs|Gilmore include,,, and

Freelance Work (2009)

Del Rey Manga Preview Sites

Del Rey Manga approached Paul and I to create individual skins for each of their previews. Paul designed a total of ten unique pages which I then coded on the Movable Type blog platform. Each webcomic preview updated one page per day, automatically.

  • Gacha Gacha preview
  • Sugar Sugar Rune preview
  • Ghost Hunt preview
  • Pichi Pichi Pitch preview
  • Pastel preview
  • School Rumble preview
  • Kage Tora preview
  • Kuro Gane preview
  • Q-Ko-Chan preview
  • Train Man preview
  • Generic Format

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