Vögelein: Old Ghosts Trade Paperback


The second volume in the Vögelein series, in a softcover trade paperback edition.  This edition has a slight misprint issue: the cover laminate is slightly loose on the edges. The interior is perfect, but I reduce the price by $2.95 to allow for the imperfection.


Though three hundred years have passed since Alexi’s death, Vogelein finds herself still haunted by the unkept promise she made to her first Guardian. Now the clockwork faerie must confront her past with the help of Mason, an itinerant musician whose spirit bears a striking resemblance to the one she desperately wants to lay to rest. As she struggles to find peace for both herself and Alexi, Vogelein discovers that centuries-old questions rarely have easy answers, intended paths reveal themselves in mysterious ways, and present-day threats strike just as suddenly as those from long ago.

“It’s gorgeous.” — Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading