Clockwork Game PDF


A DRM-free PDF edition of Clockwork Game, which ran first as a webcomic, and was then successfully Kickstarted. File Size: 430MB.



In 1769, the court of Empress Maria Theresia witnessed one of that era’s most amazing feats of engineering: a machine that could play chess. Artfully constructed by a Hungarian nobleman named Wolfgang von Kempelen, the chess-machine played a unique game against each opponent, far surpassing the abilities of all its fellow automata. Throughout its eighty-five year career, audiences across Europe and the Americas flocked to see the mechanical marvel seemingly capable of human intelligence; Napoleon, Charles Babbage, and Benjamin Franklin were among its challengers, and Edgar Allen Poe wrote an essay attempting to explain how it worked. Despite its demise over a hundred fifty years ago, its mystery continues to fascinate, and its audience’s reaction to its Orientalist trappings casts fresh light on our present sense of the ‘exotic’.

Clockwork Game retells the true story of the world’s first chess-playing automaton, blending reality and fiction into a singular graphic novel.

“I am hard-pressed to single out what impacted me the most in Clockwork Game: Irwin’s growth as a storyteller from her Vögelein days or her insightful artistic license documentation. Rarely does a story so engagingly entertain and inform.” — Tim O’Shea,

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