A most successful ComiqueCon

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ComiqueCon was a huge success! Organized by Chelsea Liddy, with the help of Dan and Katie Merritt from Green Brain Comics, the first-ever all-female comics show drew over 350 attendees — and national coverage.

Reports from the press, exhibitors, and attendees were overwhelmingly positive, and I sure hope this turns into an annual thing, because I had a fantastic time, as did Paul. The panels I attended were excellent, and I really enjoyed hearing Mikki Kendall speak, as I’ve been a fan of hers for ages. My panel went pretty well, too, judging by the number of whoops I got out of the audience (talk about affirming experiences…) and the folks who came up to speak to me afterwards.

This article from the Press and Guide has a nice writeup and some great photos, and the ComiqueCon Twitter feed links to a bunch of podcasts if you’d like to see and hear more about how the show went.

Thanks again to everybody who made the show happen, and here’s to another year! I’m so glad I got to be a part of ComiqueCon’s inaugural year.

Radio Wolfgang

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A few months back, I was contacted by a pair of radio producers from the UK to see if I’d be interested in contributing to an audio documentary about Wolfgang von Kempelen. They’d read and enjoyed Clockwork Game, so how could I say no? We spoke a few times over the phone, and they liked my passion (read as:nerdery) for the subject, so they asked me to record myself answering a few questions.

Over the summer I took to the audio booth at my job (working for an advertising agency definitely has its perks!) and recorded a pair of long audio tracks. Never having done this before, I fear that my contribution came out a little mannered (or what I refer to as “NPR-y”) in an effort to get my words to come out clearly and not all in a jumble. Still — they liked what I sent enough to include big portions of it, and you can now listen to the entire, 40-minute documentary here.

(I am a bit sad that they cut out what I had to say about the politics of the era, but documentary focuses on von Kempelen’s speaking machine, not the automaton, so it wasn’t directly relevant.)

The documentary is part of the launch of Radio Wolfgang — also named for von Kempelen —
Here’s some background on the radio station, from their site:

Radio Wolfgang is an independent online and app-based radio station offering members a live stream of music 24/7, plus on-demand documentary, talk and entertainment content.

It’s £3.99 a month to subscribe and get access to all our content (£1 of this goes to the Wolfgang Foundation, which donates the money raised by the end of the year to causes voted on by you).
There is also a free version of the app if you want a taster, but unlike the members’ version it will have ads.

I think the documentary came out really well, and I’m excited to share the stage with others whose lives have been touched by von Kempelen, like a scientist who researches electronic speech emulation, and Lost Voice Guy, a comedian who speaks with a voice synthesizer. Go have a listen!

ComiqueCon on CBS Sunday Morning!

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It sounds like ComiqueCon was just on CBS Sunday Morning’s weekly calendar! Congrats to Dan Merritt and Katie Merritt of Green Brain Comics for making national news — not bad for a convention in its inaugural year!

(Update: holy cow, that’s my picture on national TV)


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I’m excited to announce that I’ll be exhibiting at the first-ever ComiqueCon on November 7th! Hosted by the amazing Dan and Katie Merritt of Green Brain Comics and held at the Arab-American Museum, this is a one day celebration of the amazing work of female comic creators.

Green Brain always puts on fantastic conventions, and ComiqueCon promises to be no exception — the invited guests include Alex deCampi, Mikki “Karnythia” Kendall, and Carey Pietsch. Though he’s not exhibiting himself, Paul has also been invited along to appear on panels as “the token male.”

If you’re in or around the Detroit area, come on out and meet some fantastic female creators, hear about their work, and buy some great comics.

Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics available now!


It’s here! Adam Withers’ and Comfort Love’s Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics is now on sale!

Available online and at finer book and comic shops everywhere, it’s the most comprehensive book on making comics, manga, and webcomics you’ll find! Our oversized mega-chapters include: Concepting, Writing, Drawing, Coloring, Lettering, Publishing, and Marketing! Everything you need to know to make your book a reality!

Plus there are sidebars from more than 70 of the best and smartest comics/manga/webcomics pros out there, so you don’t have to take our word for it.

… or mine, for that matter (though I spent yesterday morning reading it, and it’s really very good). Check out these reviews from Bleeding Cool and Comic Related. Paul brought our copy home from the Local Comic Store, and it’s even more gorgeous than I’d hoped.

It always makes me happy when amazing people make amazing stuff, and with this book, Adam and Comfort prove that they walk the walk better than most. Paul and I were really proud and grateful to be part of this project. Thanks, you two!