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This coming weekend, Paul and I have been invited as guests to AnomalyCon in Denver! This is the first time in nearly twenty years that I’ve been invited as a guest at a SciFi con, and I’m super excited. Though I’ve been going to cons for ages, I’ve never been to a Steampunk-centric convention before, let alone one with such an impressive guest list. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the costumes and attending some of the writing-focused panels. I’m also impressed by AnomalyCon’s straightforward policies: they have separate, well-defined statements on anti-harassment, cosplay respect, and accessibility, all of which are vitally important and necessary to create an environment where every attendee can feel safe enough to enjoy themselves.

When I’m not helping Paul man our table in the Vendor’s Room or studying up on writing tips, I’m going to be speaking on several panels myself. I spent a big hunk of the weekend preparing… anybody want handouts?

Fri 4pm Chasm Creek B

Indie Comics You Should Be Reading
Artists discuss the best comics you haven’t read yet.
D. Edwards, D. Harris, J. Irwin, K. Hearne


Sat 12pm Wind River B
The Future of Steampunk
Steampunk isn’t dead, or even plateauing. New fiction, exciting ideas and where the genre is going beyond the world of written words. M. Tanzer, S. Adina, J. Irwin, M. Davis

Sat 1pm Chasm Creek B
The Critic and Me

Ever felt like something was terrible about three seconds after you finished it? This is about controlling your control freak and making things even with the doubt.
P. Sizer, J. Irwin, D. Malki, N. Maslakovic, S. Tatroe, G. Mulowayi

Sat 5pm Main Events
AnomalyCon Celebrity Tea Duel

The grandest excitement on stage! Our biggest guests battle each other for the best cuppa!
S. Rahmsdorff, C. Wendig, D. Dawson, L. Mantchev, E. Jackson, B. Dornbusch, Frenchy and the Punk, S. Adina, E. Bear, S. Lynch, M. Davis, J. Irwin, D. Malki, P. Sizer, B. Yovanoff, K. T. Okopnik


Sun 3pm Chasm Creek B
Digital Art

If you’re still using pencils and paper, you might be missing out on a world of easy erasures.S. Yan, S. Menzel, S. Schafer, J. Irwin, G. Mulowayi

Thanks again to Kronda Siebert for inviting us — I can’t wait. If you’re in the Colorado area, I hope to see you there!